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Reduce your admin time

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Easy access to key information

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Simple to use

Carers love the simplicity of Intuitivecare

Intuitivecare makes it easy for carers to access and keep records up to date, freeing up time to focus on care and not admin, and with such a comprehensive set of features, information is only ever a click away.

Here are some of its core features.

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Access from any device

The carer app can be accessed from smart phones, tablets, and desktops via iOS, Windows or Android. An offline mode also allows for access during times of poor internet signal.

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Daily logs made simple

If you can send a text, you can make a record in the carer app. Add log entries to describe day-to-day activities that foster parents undertake with their children, and with mobile access they can add an entry whilst at the beach and also take a picture at the same time. Excellent for recording life story events and evidencing good practice!

Intuitive Care app on mobile Daily Logs
Intuitive Care app on mobile Child Key Info

Quick access to key information

When carers are on the go, they can still access all of their information with this app. It pulls through key contact numbers and records for Local Authorities to help them get what they need from wherever life takes them.

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Documents and digital signing

Share any document directly to the app and request a digital signature if required. Great for supervisions, remittances, updates to policies, procedures and more!

Intuitive Care app on mobile Documents and Digital Signing
Intuitive Care app on mobile Expenses
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Capture expenses

Help your carers further reduce their admin time by capturing expenses directly to the app. In turn they’re passed through an approval process before automatically displaying in the carers pay calculations.

This is why we do what we do


I love it! I’ve learned more about my children in 5 minutes on Intuitivecare than 5 years on my previous system

Managing Director
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I've used many different fostering systems and this is by far the easiest. I love it!

Office manager
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For someone who's not very tech savvy, as you well know, I'm delighted to say this is very easy to use.

Foster Parent

Get fostering software that improves outcomes by supporting best practice.

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5 evidencing factors that will wow your inspector

See how Intuitive Care can tick many of the evidencing requirements when you have an OFSTED or CIW visit.

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